Working Title: ScarySexyCool

I've got a short story collection underway that I can't wait to share with you. With tales inspired by classic ghost stories and folk horrors from the Hitchhiker to the Witch Cat, it's shaping up to be my own treasure chest of shivers.

The final story is a special treat: The long overdue follow-up to "Backwoods Beast," the hot gay redneck werewolf thrill ride I published back in 2013. If you have half as much fun reading it as I do, we're in good shape.

Keep an eye out for this one. It'll make good company for stormy winter nights.



Not yet, at least. But guess what, everybody? I've got my writing wig back on and I'm ready to sling smut like I've sometimes slung it before. So light your candles and part your thighs, friends, because I'm after all the shivers.  

First things first, a little housekeeping accomplishment. You may have heard of Hidden Talents, the sprawling psychic m/m saga I've released in a stupid number of ways over the past 5-6 years. But hark! At long last the full story has been cleaned up, remastered and published as ONE book -- an epic monster mash of wild sex, violent secrets, heartrending angst, sibling rivalries, drugs, murder, multiple love affairs and one iconically fierce romance between a lovably vicious bad boy and a sullen young waif who mysteriously scares the hell of of him. 

How do you say no? Get it on Amazon now -- promotional discounts will be abundant, and as always, I offer free copies for honest reviews. Just ask.

Coming up next: A spooky collection of short and sexy stories for fall. Stay tuned and be in touch!